Snowflake Bentley Mini Unit Study

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Let me set the stage:  You woke up to snow falling outside.  School was canceled and the buses aren’t running today. 

But that doesn’t affect you. 

You homeschool.  For you today can do school.  Tomorrow, when the snow has stopped falling and the roads are clear again, is the best time to take a snow day.  Send the kids outside in all their winter gear to sled and build forts and snowmen while you drink something hot and watch through the window (or clean the house or go out and play with them… whichever you choose).

But today the snow is falling and everyone is distracted.  Today you wish you had a special plan for something snow related.  Today you wish you’d thought to get some snow themed books from the library (or hadn’t loaned yours to a friend).

Well, I’ve got you covered.  This unit doesn’t take any books (though you can certainly pull out your much loved copy and flip pages the old fashioned way).  And you don’t need any other books to help you dive deeper into the subject (though, if you are reading this with time to spare, you can still request a pile of them from the library just for fun).

This unit comes equipped with a reading of the book on YouTube and PDF download of the book with some other resources.

You can even pop some popcorn or get a snack and cuddle in to watch it together before getting started on some great Language Arts, geography, science, or art activities.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Snowflake Bentley Mini Unit Study

Watch a reading of Snowflake Bentley on YouTube.  Or you can get an online version here.

Then, select a few of the activities below and keep the learning going. For an easy day, watch a bunch of videos and do some drawing. Want something more? Pick a writing assignment, do some extra research, make your own crystals and try your hand at painting. Really, there is something for everyone. Adapt the lessons for your own kids and ages, or hit Pinterest for more ideas!


  1. Watch Where do Snowflakes Come From on YouTube
  2. Snowflake Photography video on YouTube
  3. Explore the SnowCrystals website. Pick a subject from it to write an essay of 1-3 paragraphs (depending on the age of your child) or research more thoroughly and write a report about it (Lauguage Arts also).  Feel free to add other internet or book resources for this.
  4. Make Salt Crystal Snowflakes.

Language Arts

  1. Use this free Snowflake Bentley Book and Lesson Plan all rolled into one. Print it out or download it to use on your computer.  You may want to read the lesson plan notes ahead of time to decide what you want to do.  Then read it or let your child read it for himself and choose some activities to do.
  2. This site has a lesson plan worked out for 2nd-3rd
  3. Answer one or more of these writing prompts (free download) on the enclosed note booking page.
  4. Using that same freebie, fill out the character analysis about Wilson Bentley.
  5. Use this page to do a character study about focus and persistence. Many ideas and questions are included there.


  1. Visit Layers of Learning for some history and a state map printable.
  2. Three Boys and a Dog has free Vermont Symbols and State Facts worksheets.
  3. Watch this video about Vermont on YouTube.
  4. Or this one, also on YouTube.


  1. Design your own snowflakes with this Snowflake Starter Template.
  2. Cut out paper snowflakes.
  3. Do this Watercolor and Oil Pastel Resist Snowflake.
  4. Make Snowflake Window Clings.
  5. Make Beaded Snowflake Ornaments.

What other ideas can you share?

Do you have a favorite lesson?

Gathering here.


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